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Updated 3 years ago

A playlist is simply a collection of audiobooks. You can make your own, share them and enjoy other playlists created by Anyplay, curators and other listeners worldwide.

Made for you

The many playlists Anyplay makes just for you are based on your listening habits (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening habits of others with similar taste.

Made for everyone

Curated by audiobook experts. You find these in Browse or Search. We’ve categorized them into Genres & Moods for you.

Some of these playlists are personalized, so you may see different track listings to someone else. 

Make your own

Create customized playlists for various occasions. E.g. "On my way to work", "For the kids" or "Vacation";
1. When you have found a good read, tap "Add to playlist"
2. Tap "New playlist" and enter a suitable title
3. Tap the playlist you want to add the chosen playlist to
4. Add as many titles you like to the new playlist
5. Why not share this playlist with a friend - tap the three little dots on the upper corner

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